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1200 V, 25 A NPT Trench IGBT

nant or soft switching application such as induction heating, microwave oven. Absolute Maximum Ratings Notes:(1) Repetitive rating:Pulse width limited by max. junction temperature Thermal Characteristics G C G C E E TO-3P Symbol Description Ratings Unit VCES Collector-Emitter Voltage 1200 V VGES Gate-Emitter Voltage 20 V

Command Processor for MPSSE and MCU Host Bus

Application Note AN_108 Version 1.5 Clearance No.:FTDI# 81 3 Command Definitions The following section will define the opcodes required to perform specific functions. 3.1 BadCommands If the device detects a bad command it will send back 2 bytes to the PC. 0xFA, followed by Component Legacy Products Matrox ImagingDatasheet (PDF) MIL Benchmarks for Matrox Odyssey (PDF) Developers' Toolkit (PDF) Installation and Hardware Reference Manual (PDF) Native Library Benchmarks (PDF) Matrox Odyssey XA/XCL/XD PC Compatibility List (PDF) Matrox Odyssey eA/eCL/eD PC Compatibility List (PDF) Real-time imaging and device control using Matrox Odyssey (PDF)

DMN3404L - Diodes Incorporated

Continuous Drain Current (Note 7) VGS = 3V Steady State TA = -40°C TA = +25°C TA = +85°C ID 2.2 2.0 1.0 A Pulsed Drain Current IDM 30 A Thermal Characteristics Characteristic Symbol Value Unit Power Dissipation (Note 6) PD 0.72 W Thermal Resistance, Junction to Ambient @TA = +25°C RJA 173 °C/W Power Dissipation (Note 7) PD 1.4 W GoogleSearch the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

High Performance PIR Motion Detector IC -

Application Example -- Passive Infrared Detector for alarm system Tx 24576 x R10 x C6 Ti 24 x R9 x C7 (ref to schematic) R3 is a light dependent resistor which has low resistance under strong ambient light. This causes the detector to be operational only when the detection area is sufficiently dark. High-voltage resonant controller - STMicroelectronicsL6599 Device description 3/36 1 Device description The L6599 is a double-ended controller specific for the resonant half-bridge topology. It provides 50 % complementary duty cycle:the high-side switch and the low-side switch are

I2C timing configuration tool for STM32F3xxxx and

This application note presents the I2C timing configuration tool (STSW-STM32126) for the STM32F3xxxx and STM32F0xxxx microcontroller families. The STM32F0xxxx and STM32F3xxxx devices embed an Inter-Integrated Circuit communication peripheral (I2C) supporting standard mode (100 KHz), fast mode (400 KHz) IC 4047 Datasheet, Pinouts, Application Notes Homemade Jan 01, 2020 · IC 4047 Datasheet, Pinouts, Application Notes. Last Updated on January 1, 2020 by Swagatam 87 Comments. The IC 4047 is one of those devices which promises an unlimited range of circuit application solutions. The IC is so versatile that on many occasions it easily outsmarts it's close rival, the IC 555, let's study the datasheet and pinout

IR Receiver Modules for Remote Control Systems

BLOCK DIAGRAM APPLICATION CIRCUIT Note Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. This is a stress rating only and functional operation of the device at these or any other cond itions beyond those indicated in the operational sections of t his specification is not implied. Introduction to Infineons Simulation Models Power In all cases, the current data sheet information for a given device is the final design guideline and the only actual performance specification. Although models can be a useful tool in evaluating device performance, they cannot model exact device V2.0 Feb. 2014 application note. V d.

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LTC6992-1/LTC6992-2/ LTC6992-3/LTC6992-4 4 e For more information analog The l denotes the specifications which apply over the full operating temperature range, otherwise specifications are at TA = 25°C. Test conditions are V+ = 2.25V to 5.5V, VMOD = 0V to VSET, DIVCODE = 0 to 15 (NDIV = 1 to 16,384), RSET = 50k to 800k, RLOAD = 5k, CLOAD = 5pF unless otherwise noted. MC34063A, MC33063A, 1.5 A, Step-Up/Down/ Inverting components. Refer to Application Notes AN920A/D and AN954/D for additional design information. Operation from 3.0 V to 40 V Input Low Standby Current Current Limiting Output Switch Current to 1.5 A Output Voltage Adjustable Frequency Operation to 100 kHz Precision 2% Reference Figure 1. Representative Schematic Diagram SQ R

MCP23017/MCP23S17 Data Sheet - Microchip Technology

Note 1:This parameter is characterized, not 100% tested. 135 pF 1k VDD SCL and SDA pin MCP23017 50 pF Pin VDD RESET Internal RESET 34 Output pin 30 32. MCP23017/MCP23S17 DS20001952C-page 6 2005-2016 Microchip Technology Inc. FIGURE 1-3:I2C BUS START/STOP BITS TIMING FIGURE 1-4:I2C BUS DATA TIMING MFRC522 Standard performance MIFARE and NTAG Product data sheet COMPANY PUBLIC Rev. 3.9 27 April 2016 112139 2 of 95 NXP Semiconductors MFRC522 Standard performance MIFARE and NTAG frontend The following host interfaces are provided: Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Serial UART (similar to RS232 with voltage levels dependant on pin voltage supply) I2C-bus interface 3. Features and benefits

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Get more done with Microsoft 365. Create your best work with the latest versions of Word, Excel, and other Office apps. Plus, get 1 TB of cloud storage, document sharing, ransomware recovery, and more with OneDrive. Learn more. PICmicro Mid-Range MCU Family Reference ManualM 1997 Microchip Technology Inc. December 1997 /DS33023A PICmicro Mid-Range MCU Family Reference Manual

Specs and Datasheets DEVELOPER PORTAL

Application Note. Corecell reference design for LBT Spectral Scan gateway (USB version) certification report for Japan. View Application Note. SX1268 Data Sheet - China Frequency Band. View Datasheet. Datasheet. SX1268 Datasheet. View Datasheet. Datasheet. SX1268 Datasheet. View Datasheet. Datasheet. SX1272 Datasheet. TJA1020 LIN transceiver - NXPNotes 1. The standby mode is entered automatically upon any local or remote wake-up event during sleep mode. Pin INH and the 30 k termination resistor at pin LIN are switched on. 2. The internal wake-up source flag (set if a local wake-up did occur and fed to pin TXD) will be reset when entering normal slope or low slope mode (NSLP goes HIGH). 3.

The FET Constant-Current Source/Limiter

Updates to this app note may be obtained via facsimile by calling Siliconix FaxBack, 1-408-970-5600. Please request FaxBack do cument #70596. AN103 2 Siliconix 10-Mar-97 D S D S UC3844B, UC3845B, UC2844B, UC2845B High ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC = 15 V [Note 5], RT = 10 k, CT = 3.3 nF. For typical values TA = 25°C, for min/max values TA is the operating ambient temperature range that applies [Note 6], unless otherwise noted.) UC284xB UC384xB, xBV, NCV384xBV Characteristic Symbol Min Typ Max Min Typ Max Unit REFERENCE SECTION

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datasheet (CSP3) PRODUCT SPECIFICATION version 2.03 may 2011. 05.26.2011 PRODUCT SPECIFICATION proprie tary to OmniVision Technologies i ordering information OV05640-A71A (color, lead-free) 71-pin CSP3 00 applications cellular phones toys PC multimedia digital still camerasM5203 datasheet & applicatoin notes - Datasheet ArchiveM5203 datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. SM520-34 O RING HREAD - Bulk (Alt:SM520-34) Distributors:Part:Package:Stock:Lead Time MULTI-SECTION 3.5 SEC VOICE M5203 3.5 ç§ è¯­é ³ IC APPLICATION DIAGRAM å è ç µè·¯å ¾